The Jackal

by BrainDead



“The Jackal” - Ladies & Gentlemen, BrainDead proudly brings you the second single from the upcoming WAR! album.

Sticking to their death / thrash metal roots from “Shut Up & Kill Yourself”, this fast brutal track is the story of Ryan Kuhn and his descent into madness and eventual death, as told on “Thirteen Ghosts”. Enjoy.

- Bonus - Purchasing this single for $1 will automatically get you the full album once released plus a bonus track. Consider this a pre-order. When the album is released, this single will be removed and substituted for the album. This means anyone who bought this single (since it's listed as an album) will have already purchased the upcoming album.


released July 23, 2019

Music & lyrics by Ed Corpse555 M.

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Ed Corpse555 M.
Vocal engineering & Mastered by Mike Usifer.
Recorded at BD-R Studios & Beacon Soundworks. (
Mastered by Mike Usifer at Beacon Soundworks.

Art direction by 555.

© 2018-2019 BrainDead Band Music. ℗ 2019 Ed Corpse555 M., ASCAP. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



BrainDead The Bronx, New York

BrainDead: A Bronx born Dark Metal band started in 1998. Originally started as a Punk / Thrash Crossover band which evolved through thrash, death / thrash and now Dark Metal. Lyrical themes include psychological issues and the horrors of reality mixed with heavy melody and aggression tapping into the human emotions. Enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: The Jackal
The Jackal
(Music / Lyrics by 555)

Verse 1 - [0:23]
Bastard son of a prostitute
With a vicious twisted passion

Cunning sexual predator
Stalking in the night

Uncontrollable taste for whores
and innocent fragile strays

Raping with a murderous rage
And killing like a fiend

Chorus - [0:37]
Scratching and slashing
Chewing human flesh
Slaughtering victims one by one
The golden dog of death

Verse 2 - [1:06]
Seeking treatment in the asylum
The Jackal goes insane

Scratching walls 'til nails are gone.
Hands turn to claws

Evil presence felt inside
Brooding sickening madness

Only a matter of time until
The beast inside's unleashed

Chorus - [1:21]
Scratching and slashing
Chewing human flesh
Slaughtering victims one by one
The golden dog of death

Canis Aureus

Bridge 1 - [2:01]
Attacking the nurse, a big mistake
He's sentenced to be restrained
Acting out - contorting his limbs
They've locked his head inside a cage

Bridge 2 - [2:28]
Thrown in the darkest cell
Hatred for mankind ensued
Cowering screams - whenever approached
The canine from hell awaits his fate

Solo Ed - [2:43]

End - [2:57]
Flames of hell engulf the asylum
Everyone escapes
Jackal chose to stay inside and
Meet his rightful fate

His curse was stronger than his soul
Spirit bound to walk the earth
Captured by a sickened madman
Again, he's trapped in living hell

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